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Man Is A Wolf To Man

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Berharap dunia memperlakukanmu dgn baik, hanya karena merasa anda orang yang baik;
Sama konyolnya dgn mengharapkan bahwa;
Si srigala tak akan pernah memangsamu, hanya karena anda mengaku vegetarian.

Basically this is not a story about Remus, Romulus, or Lupus. Homo homini lupus is a popular Roman proverb by Plautus in his Asinaria. It broadly means "man is a wolf to his fellow man", the idea is one way of looking at that basic human nature. People are naturally predatory, selfish, destructive, and in need of constant supervision to prevent that nature from breaking out is inherent in many ideas about education. Education, in this view, is about teaching people to rise above their nature–or at least to control it. What is it about being human that education can speak to, and how should that speaking take place?
Or are we the animal with a soul? And what is a soul?

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maya mengatakan...

Sometimes when you do not know somebody, you cannot trust that person to act with humanity.
Instead, that person could turn out to be a wolf.

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